Where is The Mulehouse?

Set your GPS for 812 South High St, in downtown district of historic Columbia, TN – We’ll have a cold beer waiting for you!

Where do I park?

Just head toward the back of our building, and you’ll see our parking lot. If we’re filled up by the time you get here, no problem — there’s a lot of street parking. We’d just ask that you keep the noise level down. We’re all about being good neighbors.

Do you have a bar?

Yes, we have multiple bars. Doesn’t matter whether you’re on the main floor of the theater or up in the balcony, our satellite bars have your covered.

If you want the full bar, head to our downstairs lounge. We’re fully stocked up if you’re in the mood for something a little stronger. 

What type of payment does The Mulehouse accept?

Bring your plastic, because we’re a cashless venue. We’re good with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

Exxon, Home Depot, and Kroger cards won’t make the cut. 

What is not allowed in the venue?

Bad attitudes. Rude behavior. Small minds.  

Aside from that, the usual stuff: alcohol, drugs, guns or weapons of any kind, outside food or beverages. 

What is your bag policy?

Any bag larger than a 12” x 12” x 6” has to stay in your ride. We suggest bringing in a small purse or clutch — which may feel a little odd for some of the guys, but whatever you’re into. You do you.

Can I bring my camera into the show?

Everybody’s got a camera on their phone, and we’re totally cool with that. Do us a favor though, and turn off the flash and tag us on socials, @themulehouse!

As for those cameras with detachable lenses, those won’t fly without approved media credentials.

Occasionally though, some performers don’t want any cameras, phones or otherwise. When that happens, we’re always going to honor their request.  

Is there seating available for shows?

If you’re up in the balcony, you’ll find some of our original pews where you can take a load off.

Down on the main floor, it really depends on the kind of show you’re joining us for. Some shows will have assigned table seating, some will have assigned seats, or they might even be standing room only. Just look on our event page for that particular show. It’s all detailed there.

How can I purchase tickets to shows at The Mulehouse?

There are a few options for you:

  1. Purchase them from us on SeeTickets or on our website themulehouse.com.
  2. If the show’s not sold out, you can get them at the door. But don’t forget, we’re credit card only. Leave the Benjamins in your pocket. 

I lost my ticket info. Can you help?

If you bought it from our ticketing partner SeeTickets, or from us directly, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  

Just hit up our box office on the day of the show with your ID and the credit card you used to buy the ticket with. We’ll do our best to get you taken care of. Another good plan would be to email our ticking company at help@seetickets.us in advance.

I bought my ticket from a ticket reseller like Stubhub or Vivid Seats, is that okay?

This is a tough one — Sometimes it all works out okay — but sometimes it doesn’t.  

We’re always on your side, but if you didn’t get the ticket from us or SeeTickets directly, it gets pretty dicey. The problem is that we have no way to vouch for the legitimacy of any tickets sold by a reseller until they are actually scanned as you come in for the show.  

If your ticket turns out to be fake, you have every reason to be disappointed. Let’s just call it what it is: A very sucky situation.

While we’d love to turn it into a happy ending, we just can’t do that. Somebody else has already bought a legitimate ticket, and if they’re not seated already, they will be shortly.

So the bottom line is that purchasing tickets from any source other than SeeTickets or Lyte is at your own risk.

I require ADA seating- how do I get in touch?

First of all, we are so glad you’ll be coming to the show. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to ensure that those who need ADA seating have the best possible experience. 

When selecting your ticket, look for the seats listed as ADA then when you get to the show, we’ll be glad to help you to your seat. 

Can I upgrade my ticket?

We, along with our business partner Lyte are committed to providing a safe marketplace to buy and sell your official tickets to our shows. This network will help you find other tickets available for upgrade. 

Do you rent out The Mulehouse?

Absolutely! Our main focus is creating unique experiences for our guests and that includes your private events. Please reach out here.